OneSource Programs

Integrated Inspection & Maintenance Programs

MISTRAS seeks to maximize our client’s uptime and safety. That mission is especially applicable for our clients in the midst of plant-wide work stoppages or in locations with harsh winter conditions.

MISTRAS delivers multi-disciplined teams who can plan, manage, and execute inspection and maintenance programs for refinery turnarounds and power plant shutdowns/outages. Our teams are dedicated to returning your equipment to service as quickly, safely, and efficiently as possible.

In the winter, a small team of MISTRAS rope access techs can inspect, repair, insulate, and monitor your assets to ensure they are protected from cold temperatures and precipitation.

By using an integrated team to perform multiple services, our clients realize the benefits of reducing overall personnel on site, while still receiving high-quality services that meet their asset protection needs.

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Turnaround Programs

Integrated planning, inspection, maintenance, and access programs for refinery turnarounds

Shutdown Programs

Custom-tailored shutdown/outage management and execution

Winterization Programs

Small, multi-disciplined teams to inspection, prepare, and maintain your assets during harsh winter conditions

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