Rope Access Training II

This 5-day course prepares candidates for SPRAT Level II certification. This course focuses on more complex rope access tasks required of an experienced technician working under the supervision of a Level III technician.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand and follow rope access procedures, work plans, and associated risk assessments
  • Inspect personal rope access equipment
  • Perform a variety of rope access maneuvers
  • Capable of more complex rigging and rescue techniques

Job-site Safety and Documentation

  • Understand guidelines for Rope Access work and relevant legislation
  • Understand the process to develop an access work plan and job safety analysis
  • Able to identify and mitigate hazards
  • Establish exclusion zones
  • Document Rope Access work using experience logbooks


  • Capable of more complex rigging, including retrievable rope systems and systems pre-rigged to lower
  • Capable of inspecting the safety of rope access systems
  • Able to tie a variety of knots and hitches

Rope Access Techniques and Rescues

  • All rope access techniques, including horizontal and vertical aid climbing
  • Rescue a casualty through a variety of rigging scenarios
  • Rigging and operating more complex hauling and lowering systems used for rescue scenarios


Candidates seeking certification to SPRAT Level II Technician must have appropriate previous industrial rope access experience.

  • SPRAT requires a minimum of 6 months experience and 500 logged working hours.

Participants will be asked to perform moderate to strenuous activities. A physical examination by a doctor is strongly recommended. Candidates will be required to sign a Liability Release Form and a Statement of Medical Condition confirming the absence of known medical conditions that might preclude their ability to safely work at height.

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