About MISTRAS Canada

MISTRAS Group (NYSE: MG) is a leading, global, one-source provider of asset protection solutions, used to evaluate the structural integrity of critical energy, industrial and public infrastructure.

MISTRAS Services’ solutions in Canada help keep our client’s equipment and facilities in safe, operational, and regulation-compliant working order. We help to support:

  • Refineries & Pipelines
  • Commercial & Military Aircraft
  • Civil & Commercial Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Nuclear, Hydroelectric, and Transmission & Distribution Facilities

We aim to provide an integrated set of asset protection solutions to maximize our clients’ operational time and increase safety. Our teams of multi-disciplined technicians conduct inspections and provide light mechanical services to remedy minor flaws, in addition to offering engineering consulting services, inspection and monitoring equipment, and software solutions to house and analyze enterprise mechanical integrity data. Our technicians are also skilled at accessing assets in at-height, subsea, and hazardous locations.

Our Canadian field services branches and in-house testing laboratories are backed by MISTRAS’ global resource and knowledge network.

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