Confined Space

Confined Space Access Services

Many equipment and assets in confined spaces are not inspected or repaired as frequently as they should be, due to the hazards involved in accessing them. They’re often in at-height locations, and technicians who enter confined spaces can sometimes be exposed to hazardous gases and high temperatures. Limiting confined space entry (CSE) is always the preferred route, but when this is not an option, MISTRAS takes steps to maximize technician safety.

MISTRAS provides multiple options for safely accessing confined space assets for inspection and maintenance services, and will deploy the most effective one for your facility.

Drone Inspections in Confined Space

Drone NDT inspections are an effective way to pre-qualify confined space assets for further inspection work. Piloted by trained and certified professional pilots, MISTRAS sends unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), land crawlers, and underwater remotely-operated vehicles (ROVs) into confined spaces for preliminary visuals.

The results from these initial inspections are used to identify potential areas of concern, and more effectively target inspection and maintenance plans before inspectors ever enter the asset.

Rope Access in Confined Space

Since some at-height confined spaces are limited to a single access point, scaffolding is often not a feasible access method. In these cases, we deploy trained and industry-certified rope access technicians.

Our small, multi-disciplined rope access teams:

  • design and execute an access, inspection, and maintenance plan through detailed risk assessments of facilities and assets
  • safely enter the confined space
  • perform a wide range of NDT inspections, including visual (VT), ultrasonic (UT), liquid penetrant (PT), magnetic particle (MT), and radiographic (RT) inspections
  • complete maintenance services including insulation, coating, welding, and other mechanical services, depending on the results of the inspection.

Confined Space Assets

Oil & Gas

  • Boilers
  • HRSGs
  • Piping
  • Tanks
  • Pressure Vessels

Power Generation

  • Nuclear Power Reactor Vessels

Civil Infrastructure

  • Storage Tanks
  • Water Towers
  • Piping
  • Sewers
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