Safety & Quality

At MISTRAS, safety and quality are the backbone of our operations.

Our solutions enable our clients to maximize safety and operational uptime. Through a wide range of high-quality solutions, we aim to ensure that our clients’ assets remain in safe, reliable working order. We do this through the tireless work of our employees, who remain dedicated to our safety-conscious culture.

Our labs operate to strict safety & quality standards, ensuring that our processes and procedures in regards to hazardous materials, worker safety, and accident prevention are sound and effective.

MISTRAS stays abreast of our safety performance through analysis of our company-wide safety statistics, which help us to determine behavioral trends while also instilling a culture of proactivity.

MISTRAS works to ensure that our clients are in full compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations, and we perform our duties through the use of safe, industry-best practices.

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