Refinery Winter Protection

Our Winterization Programs are turnkey access solutions to ensure that your process equipment is able to operate efficiently even under harsh winter conditions.

Continual winterization maintenance can save you from the dangers involved with lines freezing, which can lead to costly unplanned outages.

A single rope access team can access equipment, strip insulation, install and repair various types of heat trace (including electrical, steam or glycol), re-apply insulation, and put the system back into service.

Our maintenance teams can install and repair heat tracing, and remove any ice build-up from steam leaks that can create overhead hazards to equipment and personnel.

A single winterization team can:

  • Monitor process equipment conditions
  • Access equipment via rope access
  • Isolate equipment
  • Remove and install insulation
  • Troubleshoot, install, and repair heat trace
  • De-isolate/put equipment back into service
  • Remove ice build-up
man using a monkey wrench for industrial winterization maintenance
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