Data Management

Inspection Data Management

If your facility and assets have been in operation for years, you’ve compiled a tremendous amount of historical inspection and mechanical integrity (MI) data. If your operation is brand new, it is crucial that you have quick, efficient access to that inspection and integrity data down the road.

MISTRAS’ Plant Condition Data Management Software (PCMS) is an industry-leading Inspection Database Management Software (IDMS) that centralizes refinery and pipeline inspection data. PCMS stores, organizes, and analyzes MI information from all of an organization’s facilities and equipment, and it links that information across any technology platform. MISTRAS’ PCMS data management capabilities encompass applications such as:

  • Complete Asset Tracking & Analysis
  • Corporate & Site-Level Business Analytics
  • Integrated Risk-Based Inspection (RBI)
  • Comprehensive Inspection Tracking & Analysis
  • Inspection & Turnaround Planning
  • Corrosion Analysis & Trending
  • Safety Relief Valve Management

PCMS offers data management applications for piping, vessels, safety relief devices, valves, tanks, rotating equipment, and more. As data is input into the IDMS over time, PCMS can be used to trend corrosion levels, track historical inspection dates, integrate with asset monitoring systems, perform advanced engineering calculations suck as Risk-Based Inspections (RBI) and Failure Modes Effects Analysis (FMEA), and much more.

Mobile Deployment

PCMS is compatible with mobile phones and tablets, allowing users to report inspection and integrity data straight from the field to the database. Mobile inspection technology eliminates the need for manual data entry, which standardizes, streamlines, and ensures the accuracy of collected inspection data. Technicians who use PCMS’ mobile inspections can also answer pre-populated question and answer forms, so the type of inspection data and terminology remain consistent from inspector to inspector.


  • Reduced data entry errors
  • Real-time inspection results optimize maintenance planning
  • Standardized reporting to from inspector to inspector
  • Immediate notifications of identified safety issues

Business Intelligence

PCMS Business Intelligence is a web-based analytical tool that integrates all of a company’s enterprise inspection and mechanical integrity. Data from each individual plant is reported back to a single dashboard, giving all corporate executives, maintenance managers, and other stakeholders complete sets of comprehensive, user-friendly data analytics regarding all of their facilities and assets.

PCMS’ Business Intelligence tool is useful for both small and large organizations, as smaller clients with fewer equipment can still benefit from a centralized hub of their facilities’ inspection and mechanical integrity data.

Pipelines & Risk-Based Integrity Management

Effective and accurate data management is the key to any pipeline integrity management (IM) program. Through PCMS, MISTRAS centralizes new construction inspection and pipeline integrity data, enabling pipeline operators to make more informed decisions on their pipeline maintenance. Combining PCMS’ advanced engineering capabilities with access to historical inspection data, MISTRAS works with clients to prioritize potentially high-risk problem areas. During the pipeline integrity phase, the centralized data hub reflects the dates and types of any previous inspection, maintenance services, and monitoring data, for a complete picture of the pipeline’s integrity.

Over 50% of the United States refining capacity, many pipeline and midstream operators, and upstream production facilities utilize PCMS.

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