Industries Served

“Asset protection” means something different for each industry. While our oil & gas clients often require turnkey inspection and maintenance crews to operate full-time at their facilities, customers in the aerospace industry need state-of-the-art lab inspection and testing services for newly-fabricated components. Backed by decades of experience, our subject matter experts (SMEs) understand the unique problems that our customers face every day, and recommend custom-tailored solutions for each client’s specific equipment and facilities.

Certain industries operate in some parts of the country more than others. Our teams are located strategically throughout Canada to service each region’s customers. For example, we provide dedicated inspection and maintenance teams to refineries and pipelines in the Oil Sands region.

Non-destructive testing (NDT) inspections are not specific to one industry. Radiography is as effective for pipelines as it is for aerospace components. Acoustic Emission effectively serves the power and infrastructure industries. With a wide range of available NDT inspection technologies, we effectively detect and diagnose your asset’s problems.

Put it all together, and we’re able to provide the solution that’s right for you.

Aerospace & Defense

Commercial Aircraft, Military Vehicles, and Associated Component


Public and Commercial Infrastructure


Raw Materials and Processing Facilities

Oil & Gas

Refineries, Pipelines, and Storage Tanks

Power Generation

Power Generation Plants, Transmission & Distribution, Wind Energy

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