The Advantages of Our Aerospace and Defense Inspection Services

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Our team here at MISTRAS provides deep expertise in a vast array of asset protection solutions and is fully capable of performing testing, inspection, and maintenance on a variety of operations, including the field of aerospace and defense.

MISTRAS Group provides advanced testing and inspection solutions for fabricated structures and aerospace composite materials at our in-house laboratories, performing non-destructive inspection (NDI) services on components for fatigue cracking, corrosion, and flaws in the aerospace manufacturing processes using inspection procedures that are certified by some of the largest prime manufacturers in the industry.

Our Solutions

Our team offers a variety of testing solutions, each with their own distinctive advantages. Our solutions include:

Radiographic Testing (RT)

RT allows for the inspection of a broad variety of material types with varying density and can be used to inspect assembled components with minimal surface preparation required. RT is also sensitive to changes in voids, thickness, corrosion, cracks, and material density, and can detect both surface and subsurface defects — all while providing a permanent record of the inspection.

Penetrant Testing (PT)

Liquid penetrant testing has the advantage of being sensitive to small surface discontinuities. PT also has few material limitations, works with complex geometric shapes, and offers real-world visual results while remaining highly cost-effective.

Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

UT has several advantages, including requiring only minor part preparation and the ability to provide instantaneous results. UT is also sensitive to both surface and subsurface discontinuities, can provide deep penetration for flaw detection, and has a variety of uses, such as lamination, flaw detection, and thickness measurement.

Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)

Magnetic particle testing is useful for detecting small leakage fields, minor fatigue cracks, and hairline fractures on large surface areas. It is also useful for process control purposes and is effective in identifying flaws in component material due to its slight residual magnetism.  

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