Oil Pipeline & Refinery Data Management Services

After plants and facilities have been in operation for years, the vast compilation of information regarding mechanical integrity (MI) data and inspection records becomes harder to manage. With the help of MISTRAS and our state of the art Plant Condition Data Management Software (PCMS®), we’re able to provide one centralized platform to revolutionize the way in which your operations information is managed.

Across the industry, Database Management Software (DMS) is a vital component to managing pipeline and refinery data, which is why MISTRAS’ PCMS stores, organizes, and analyzes the MI data of every facility and links the collected information across all technology platforms.

PCMS Applications

  • Data Management for piping, vessels, tanks & rotating equipment
  • Trend corrosion levels
  • Track historical inspection dates
  • Integration of asset monitoring systems

Risk-Based Inspections (RBI)

For any facility, safety should always be the top priority, which is why MISTRAS’ PCMS has the ability to perform even the most complex of engineering calculations and analysis of the mechanical integrity of any given operation. With MISTRAS’ RBI, our engineers can determine the failure probability, and its consequences, for any given facility asset.

Failure Modes Effects Analysis (FMEA)

With MISTRAS’ FMEA, our technology is able to pinpoint assets at the highest risk of failure and determine which components are likely to fail as well as the overall impact asset failure that will result.

MISTRAS’ PCMS aims to revolutionize the oil industry through mobile deployment, linking reports and vital data across all platforms of technology. With our software, you’ll be able to receive immediate notification on your phone or smart tablet if and when a safety concern becomes identified. What this means for refinery and pipeline operations is that they now have the ability to analyze inspection results in real time and optimize all plans for maintenance. Viewing a physical map of your pipelines, you’ll be able to monitor the overall health of your entire operation using only one platform.

For our experts at MISTRAS Group, the goal is to provide plants and facilities with the tools necessary to not only optimize the productivity of their operation, but more importantly, to ensure the safety of all who are involved. To find out more information about MISTRAS and our array of data management services, contact us today.